Monday, July 27, 2009

Leo Carillo

Then he did and couldn't get enough of it
Creed first time in the ocean. At first he didn't want to put his feet down.

We went for a drive the other day and wound up at Leo Carillo. We weren't in swimsuits but still let the kids play. On a different note, I have had many calls, questions, and comments on my last post. Many people are stroller lovers like me and many people are like Shannon and wouldn't want to spend a ton of money on something your kids are going to trash. But for me a cheap umbrella stroller would never work. For one I am 5'8". For two I have tried nice strollers so I would be bitter the whole time. For three I walk 5 days a week for 3+ miles, up hills, down hills, on grass. Also on the beach. So I have to have something that is super comfortable for my work-outs and for my kids who are sitting in them for 1-2 hours everyday. The same goes with a good baby carrier. You just can't get the same workout wearing that old snugli, having your daughter ride a scooter, and pushing an umbrella stroller. Trust me, I have done that once when I was at friend's house strollerless and I spent more time helping Savannah on the scooter and telling Cole to pick his feet up off the ground than sweating :) And at the end what happened- Savannah on my shoulders and me, bent over pushing a crappy stroller AND holding a scooter. Nice. That said, it is getting harder and harder to work out with all 3 kids. Creed is not liking his baby carrier anymore so he screams for the first 30 minutes. Now I am getting it all figured out so I don't have to carry him. Mike and I work out together on Monday so all the kids can ride (Tuesday-Friday he does P90x) We walk 3 miles and go up this montrous hill. Then we go to the park, let the kids play and do the Ab Ripper (also p90x) some push-ups and wind sprints (mike calls them that. I call them running up and down a little hill and almost dying from lack of oxygen) Tue-Thursday I walk with Sara and we do basically the same thing. Fridays are my tricky day when I have all 3 kids by myself. I am trying not to skip my work out that day because I really feel like if you don't take time to take care of yourself you will burn out and get bitter. Also so I can fit into my jeans! It is working, I am almost down to my goal weight. 2 more pounds. I have a lower goal weight for myself when I am nursing. When I stop nursing I will lose that last 5. It would have probably worked much faster, but I am always hungry while nursing so I haven't been dieting at all. And paying too many visits to nothing bundt cakes and sprinkles :) That might have to do with it a TINY bit. Anyway that is kind of a tangent but there's my excuse for why I need nice strollers. And honestly the most I have spent (or will spend after buying and reselling) on a stroller was my first one. My normal Target Graco that I couldn't sell after I was done with it so I had to give it away. Ironic huh.


Nana Donna said...

You go girl! I think you are awsome for spending the time to find the good products and then getting great deals for them (not to mention how much easier it is on you). Keep up the the good work, maybe the rest of us can learn from you!

Bundy 6 Pak said...

I'm sooo into strollers (and joggers) too! I love the "switchback" which is actually a jogger by babyjogger offer. I figure if my kids are going to live inthem for a few hours a day they might as well be comfy. Check this out:

dietcokegrrl said...

Cute pics--I love all the beach pictures you guys take.

BTW, same here about the Graco stroller. I had to give mine away too--no way could I sell it for anything and I paid a TON for it because I was lame and bought the top-of-the-line travel system.

Rebecca said...

Well don't feel like you have to justify your stroller obsession to me - I think it great! And truly, if people in Utah ever sold stuff like that, I'd buy it too!