Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween time at Disneyland

At the end of the night you get a child who falls to sleep crying because she wants to watch fireworks but is too tired to stay awake.
I loved this pic with his little toes peeking out. He hates socks and takes them off as soon as I put them on him

Vanessa, Marina, Cole and I
They told me I didn't push as fast as daddy
Devon and Savannah with Minnie
Visiting Minnie's house

Creed was quite the sensation in his little halloween outfit, almost every person who walked by had to stop and comment on how cute he looked! (thanks to Sara for making the cute onesie :)
Savannah loved having creed ride with her on the carousal, Cole said "I don't like this baby riding on my horse"
Got over to disneyland yesterday to check out the halloween decorations, I love it at halloween time. Met up with the Wests and had a blast


Vanessa said...

Fun times. Cute pictures. I loved Creed's outfit.

candace said...

so fun...great pics! We just went down there for halloween time and had a ball too ;)

Jenks Family said...

What a fun place to spend halloween, did they do candy?

brandt and soupie strong said...

Good times I wish we could go to Disneyland just like that. Very cute kids. Creeds outfit very cute!!!

Shannon said...

Logan was talking about "that other place..not Lagoon but the other one" Disneyland. He was asking me when we can go there again. I might need to look at cheap weekend getaways and take him. Your kids are adorable and I love the little toes too!

Natalie and Jay said...

Funny how in California people go to the beach and Disneyland for Halloween. Here we just go to corn mazes and pumpkin patches - though still super fun in my book. The kids looked darling in their holiday attire! Happy Halloween!

miriam said...

yay! you won! I'll be bringing you a dwell photo album soon. congratulations!

Nana Donna said...

You are so lucky to be so close to Disneyland! I know your kids are going to have so many wonderful memories, you and Mike are such great parents and are so involved in your childrens lives. I am so very proud of you!