Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am sitting at work and had some down time which is pretty irregular as of late. I decided to check on our blog and see what our friends and family are up to. I was looking through our pictures from Nicole's last blog about us going to the farm together and hers and Savannah's first mommy daughter outing. At the same time, I was listening to Hilary Weeks, a singer songwriter who sings songs about church and gospel related topics. Listening to the songs and looking at pictures of my family just gave me an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I appologize to those of you who may find this boring, but we use our blog as a family journal, and I can think of no better topic for a journal than to express thankfulness for all that I have.

Nicole and I have such beautiful children who are happy, healthy and perfect in every way. We have a home in a great city surrounded by a ward family that is amazing. We have jobs that afford us a good life filled with fun adventures and exciting times.

I can't remember what Nicole and I used to do before we had Savannah. I honestly don't. Other than staying up all night watching "24" while living in the married couple dorms at BYU-I, I don't think there was much there. Having our kids to live for is the greatest blessing I can immagine. Hard at times, frustrating daily and crazy all the time. But to know that each day I get out of bed and go to work for something more than just myself. That is life.

I have the most amazing wife in the world. She supports me with all aspects of our life. She stays at home with the kids everyday and ensures that they are being raised in the right way. Then she goes out and works throughout many nights to help out. She is an amazing mother who knows how to handle each of our kids in their own needed ways, dealing with their differences like a master. She is the most positive person I have ever met. No matter what life deals her, she takes it beautifully. I just hope my family knows how much I love them and how Grateful I am to be their father and Husband.


Everts said...

Thanks for sharing Mike! That is very sweet. I agree with you about Nicole being so positive. When you guys lived here I was always amazed how much Nicole did and how positive she was! You're a lucky guy!!

Ryan said...

How sweet Mike. Its great to see you so happy and see you have such a wonderful family.

Stephen, Nadia, Mia y Ella said...

That was touching, I think I will start finally writing on my blog. You are truly blessed with a great family, and sounds like your a great Dad. You know I will always be indebt to you, for teaching me self defense with all the times you tried to beat me up.

Thanks Mike, you have come along way. :)