Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harvest Festival fun

Wow September FLEW by and now we are halfway through October. We have been super busy with Savannah in school. Mike volunteers in her class on Fridays and tells me all about the funny kindergarteners. He said there are a bunch of girls that sit on the bench the whole time and gossip. Savannah is a tomboy and plays soccer with the boys or rides bikes the whole time. Her teacher said she is a really hard worker and is very well behaved. We are super glad about that, of course she isn't always well behaved with us! The other day Savannah said "Mom something horrible happened today. A kid bit another kid" I expressed my shock and said "You would never bite or hurt anyone would you?" She said "I would NEVER do that, it would make Mrs. Logan so sad, I don't want her to ever be mad at me". I had to add "and also because we don't bite, right?" She is loving the whole school thing. She also takes Spanish class twice a week. It is by far the highlights of her week. We now have a new bartering tool. Instead of throwing away toys, we threaten to make her miss Spanish class. Of course these are idle threat since we already pre-paid the whole semster, but it gets the job done.
Cole is doing great, he is the easiest going happiest little guy ever. We had one good day of potty training and he thinks it's his claim to fame. Whenever we try to get him to do it again he tells us "I went in the potty 2 times already". Like there is a limit. He mentions it so often and is very proud of it yet doesn't want to do it again. He tried it, wasn't for him I guess. He also got his first taste of the theater this week. Our friend Vanessa was nice enough to buy tickets and invite us to join her and some friends for Goodnight moon/ runaway bunny the theatrical performance. Cole loved it and was super into it. Vanessa turned to me halfway through and said "this is trying our patience, huh?" Funny the things you have to listen to a million times when you're a parent. Goodnight nobody? Why say goodnight to nobody. C'mon now.
My really good friend Heidi from my Ultrasound Program came out to visit me with her new baby Justin! Oh how I loved to hold him and cuddle him. New babies are so delicious. Creed is out of the new baby stage but still likes to nurse so that's the only time I get to cuddle him. I loved visiting with her and talking about new mommy stuff and sharing ultrasound stories.
We got our car detailed after little Liza who is 2 told me that my car smelled funny. Ok if a 2 year old thinks it smells, it is time to clean it. I realized we got our moneys worth when we called at 2 pm (after dropping it off at 8 am) and they still had 30 minutes of work left on it.
We also finally were able to get together with the Sloans! Krista and I were the best of besties in high school, I practically lived at her house and absolutely love her and her family. But with our crazy lives we haven't been able to get together in forever. So time for more farm fun! This time we went to the festival and there was tons of stuff going on. It was super fun to spend the day with them.
Krista is pretty happy to be riding this tractor
Got baby harrison in on this one
The gangs all here-yes all 10 of us went to dinner after at CPK. The kids were so starved it was painless suprisingly
pretty sunflowers

Mike got Cole to go on a horse for the first time. He loved it!!
our little cowboy
poor little guy is starting to pull himself up on everything and get hurt all the time. check out his bruise on his forehead. i hate when he gets hurt. i wish he would just stay put a little longer
Afterwards we all picked out pumpkins.......cole does a good job at that

getting sleepy...........are we ready to go home yet mom??


B and K said...

You must have ordered that nursing cover (3rd photo from the bottom) from Udder Covers when they were sending them out for free. I have the exact same one with that same design...

The Strong Family said...

you are a smart girl kristen!

dietcokegrrl said...

YAY for more farm fun. And I love Eliza's comment about your car. HILARIOUS!!!