Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trip to AZ

Look at this little imp, I could just kiss him all day. We were able to take a super fun trip to Arizona last week for 4 days. We had a blast. Carinn and Eric, Rox and Gary, and Jenna & Kellan were all there so it was a big family affair.
Neal and Eric. It is exhausting being 2. And apparently being 29 too?
Kel and Jenna
Baby Bri and Grandma. This baby was the nicest baby ever. I tried to convince her brother and sister to let me have her but they said no.
Alauna had to stay in her room the whole time since she was super sick. Neal, Breanne, and Creed all took home a little souvenior of our trip- they are all super sick right now. Creed has bronchitis.
Celebrating Gma's Birthday with the motherloade cake! Happy Birthday Grandma, we love you!
Cole spent most of his time on the trampoline. He also loved playing with his friend Neal and his new "grandpa" gary. We kept telling him he was his uncle but he wanted to call him Grandpa. It was funny.
The little guy!

The kids thought it would be super funny to hide in the front room and surprise Grandma.
Hey there hot mama! I should not have let Carinn around my husband with her hair like this AND holding a broom, it is too much temptation.
Funny face Grandma
getting a shower

Dressing up in her apron at Grandpa Steve's
His first taste of pretzel and boy did he think he was in heaven. Roxxane also gave him his first taste of chocolate- the mother load cake from claim jumper. He was freaking out from excitement
Savannah loved playing with Payson
Nick and Creed
She rode this bike around the track like 20 times. Good thing she was wearing the life jacket, its kinda like a helmet for your body in case you wipe out
Az living


Emily said...

I'm sorry the babies got sick! Hope they get better soon. Creed is so cute - leave it to Roxanne to ruin his diet :)

Jenks Family said...

Looks like a really fun trip. Who lives there?

dietcokegrrl said...

Looks like a fun time with family! Sorry to hear everyone is sick--especially little Creed. Poor guy!

The Strong Family said...

my dad, his family, my aunt, her family, and now my grandma recently moved there. we love visiting..

stephanie said...

so fun! all of the babies look soo cute and grown up! i just want to kiss little creed!!! too cute!

The Johnson Family said...

We had so much fun with you guys, Payson hasn't stopped asking about Savannah. We need to plan something fun for Thanksgiving!