Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pinkalicious 6th Bday Party!

what an amazing cupcake huh! No we didn't make this for the party, but I have made it before. Someone's amazing idea and she posted it on her blog, it involves melting chocolates in the big cupcake pan and using it as a liner. So cute!!
Happy 6th Bday Savvy!
Cute Girls!

We celebrated with lots of silly girls having lots of fun. involving pink of course

Pink toes

I was laughing at this picture, has Savvy seen me cuddling with my money, dangit I thought that was in private...

She was so excited by the pic Nana Donna sent of them holding up her pic with the August birthdays!!

Cole was in on all the pink action too, he was the only boy allowed

Gift time

Sara pretty much planned and executed the whole thing so a huge thanks to her!! I told her I had the cupcakes in the bag and totally spaced getting candles. She was mortified of course but luckily i heard glass filled candle wishes also come true.

Decorating their pink cupcakes

At the nail salon

With their 2 beautiful nail technicians

Happy 6th birthday Savvy we love you and think it's insane how time has FLOWN by over this past year! You are entering 1st grade tomorrow and I feel like I just had you. :( But am loving watching you blosom!!


stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Savvy. I remember when you were in your mom's tummy! She looks so cute. I saw a Pinkalicious book at the store today and thought of Savvy's bday. Such a CUTE birthday for a cute girl!!

Tyson and Carrie said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the Pink theme. :)

Claudia Ayotte said...

Such a cute party! I can't believe how grown up she looks, so sad it goes by so fast :0( I always complain how I need the kids to grow up so I can stop changing diapers and how I'm over tantrums. But as soon as a b-day rolls around I'm a mess! I cry for days 'cause my babies are growing up. This parenting thing really messes with you. Happy B-day Savvy :0)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Savannah! We had so much fun with you while you were here. We wished you guys were closer so we could spend birthday's with you. Hope you had a wonderful party and that 1st grade will be just as exciting! Love you!

Nana Donna said...

I love how creative you ladies are. Savy's Pink birtday looked like it was a great success. We love you our darling little girl and hope you had the most wonderful birthday ever! PS I am so behind posint blogs that I haven't even started August yet, getting there as fast as I can so I may not blog Savy's birthday until end of Sept. Hopefully sooner. LOL you guys!

The Grimmers said...

Wished we could have been there!!! Looks like a FUN party!! Too bad school had to get in the way!! :)