Thursday, August 26, 2010

What else have we been up to this summer?

The Planetarium! Ever since we read about it in our Fancy Nancy books Savvy has been dying to go there. Love this pic of Creed looking at Albert Einstein like What??

Checking out LA
and all the planets
Cool machines

And the moon!

Afterwards we ate outside on the balcony overlooking all of Los Angeles and the hollywood sign. you can see it at the top of this pic, but because of the smog not very good :)

Hollywood sign! We want to hike it sometime
Afterwards we tried a cute new (to us) cupcake shop. It is called Delilah Bakery
Its in Echo Park and it was adorable with the yummiest cupcakes!! Creed thought so too....
obviously red velvet was his fav, but he also enjoyed a little peanut butter and the yummiest of all chocolate! Oh their chocolate was so so good!


Claudia Ayotte said...

OMG Creed is so grown up! We have that Fancy Nancy book, I should take Ada there. Did the kids love it? Looks like you guys had a blast!

Nana Donna said...

Your family is always on the most fun outings. I am so glad you are enjoying yourselves. The picture with creed and Albert Einstein is a one of a kind, it's like one of those photo's that needs to be sent in somewhere! I like that Savannah loves to learn about new things and it looks like Cole is following in her footsteps.