Saturday, September 18, 2010

Preschool at last!

I swear since last year Cole has been begging to go to school everyday. Since he is 3 1/2 and has an older sister, he was totally ready to go last year. So it was a highly anticipated event..
All ready!

Creed wanted to pose on the red chair too

the garden at their school, they plant sunflowers and other stuff there and watch them grow.
have fun big guy! He is growing up too fast. Now what am I going to do with this extra 2 1/2 hours of 1 kids time a week, I feel like a free woman!


Nana Donna said...

Cole looks so happy, I am so glad that he was so excited about pre-school. Good luck at school Cole, Grandpa John and Grandma Donna are excited for you too.

Natalie and Jay said...

What a doll! He is such a cutie! Hope he is having a great time at school!