Monday, June 8, 2009

Preschool is Over!

carinn and I made this beautiful cupcake tree (can you tell i'm proud) :) they were equally yummy
Neal likes cupcakes too!! Carinn brought the kids down so they could go to the graduation. Savannah was so happy to have Millie there!
Throwing a fit
Cole is getting the fake camera smile thing down!
Heres your diploma!
Savannah was very serious about the whole walking down the aisle ordeal. She was counting and taking her steps very carefully. It was so cute

Savannah, Miss Laurie and Miss Cotty. We will miss her wonderful teachers!!


Lisa said...

Savannah is growing up! She is so darling. Congrats on her graduation. All the children look so beautiful!

The Strong Family said...

Great post babe! Sitting at work alone. Co-workers apparently forgot what time we start. More time for me to check on my family blog and study. Congrats to my little girl! I love you Savannah!

Nana Donna said...


It was fun to take you to pre-school when I babysat you!

I love the picture of the kids.

Can't wait to see you!

Shannon said...

Our kids are growing up too fast! Cute pics of Savvy. Love the cupcakes, too!

stephanie said...

happy graduation savannah! we had graduations the same year! she looks so cute!

Everts said...

I got the vest at Walmart. It came with an outfit but I just loved the vest so I bought it. BTW: Good job Vannie!!

Emily said...

Seriously, when did your babies grow up?!