Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mexico continued!!!!!!!!

Check out the family resemblance! Are my (Mike) ears that large?
Brown eyed girl.........
Now this is the life!! Cole was such a good boy the whole trip. He's our little buddy.
Savannah was so so happy to be able to spend time with her Nana, Papa, Aunts, Uncles and all her cousins. We missed Brandt, Soupie and girls but are trying to get Carlie to come stay with us this summer some time.

Nana Donna and her baby boy
The band's all here. Savannah's instrument was a toy with a whistle attached. Sydney really was a little musician. I've been told she's an excellent drummer too.

An example of Cole's hat obsession. Which I am honestly thrilled with, less sun. La Bufadora. It was this huge blow hole that the kids loved.

So I had a hard time choosing only a few pics. At first we couldn't decided whether to bring the good camera or not. I was super scared we would a) get pulled over b) get robbed c) get some freaky virus or d) some one would want to steal one of my blonde sons. It turned out that I had worried for nothing. The drive down turned out to be quite the event. On the way down from Utah, the Curtis's, Rudels, and Strongs drove together. Well it turns out Sydney, our niece had an ear infection so they spent about 5 hours in Urgent Care in Las Vegas. To make matters worse, Shannon's car broke down and they had to spend some time at the mechanics. By some time I mean 3 or 4 hours. What a relaxing way to start a vacation! So by the time we all met up at the border it was 7 pm and everyone was spent. I know it's wierd but where ever we go Mike always brings his gun so I felt so uneasy not having it since we couldn't take it across the border. But it worked out ok. John provided us all with walkie talkie for communication and we started our sorjourn into Mexico. Although it was only like 80 miles from the border it ended up taking over 2 hours. What is up with the speed limit in mexico anyway!! It is like 60 kilometers per hour and since we didn't want to bribe the federallis we decided to keep it. We got there save and sound though with Creed screaming the whole way. He finally fell asleep minutes before we got to the beach house. When we got there I took him out quietly and started thinking about where I was going to put him to sleep the rest of the night. Then I tripped over a curb and dropped him (still strapped into his car seat at least) on the concrete. BAM. So much for sleeping. The rest of the trip was very awesome and relaxing though. Seriously. The beaches there were super clean and empty. We were pretty much the only families there. The sand was FULL of seashells and sand dollars, much to Savannah's delight. She gathered 100's and we realized lated that they attracted ants. Bye bye shells.........Let me tell you a little about our bedroom. We got the master which was awesome since it had a king bed. It had an amazing view of the ocean since one of the walls was glass. The only problem was that the other side of the glass was the living room! Hello people, who builds a master with a glass wall into the living room?? Then, there was a glass wall looking into the bathtub/shower from the bedroom. But the funny part was on the shower side it was a mirror. So it was this one way mirror where you could watch yourself taking a shower whilst someone else also gets to sneak a peek. So hilarious.


Shannon said...

We had such a great time with everyone. I will definately want to do this again!

Nana Donna said...

I didn't know about Creeds little fall, sorry! I'm glad he was still in the seat to help buffer the event. We loved spending time with your cute little family! Can't wait for the next adventure. I must say, Nicole is a real trooper, she had three little ones she had to deal with and did it remarkably! Yea, I know Michael helps out too, but just seeing her during this whole trip experience with the little ones makes her my hero!