Monday, June 22, 2009

First up- Sea World!

my 2nd favorite, the beluga whale. baby beluga, baby beluga. My favorite was the polar bears but they weren't too exciting this time. I was bummed.Cole in his new Quicksilver shorts, thanks grandma lorraine!
The hotel we stayed at had this super fun water park.

I was SO excited to take Cole to SeaWorld since he hadn't been since he was like 6 months and I knew he would love it. It was perfect weather not too hot, not too cold, the kids loved it. It was a very non-drama day as everyone enjoyed the fun shows and the new sesame street play area. I say non-drama because whenever we go somewhere big it feels like we are spending the whole time stressing out and worrying about them napping or eating or whatever. I know as kids get older it gets easier to take them places, but I am not the type of person who like to stay home a lot, so I go and do anyways!


Melissa said...

Sea world is the best for little boys!!

Mindy said...

Hey Nicole & Mike, it's Mindy (& Jason). I saw your blog link on Lisa's blog and thought I would say hi. My 2 kids and your oldest 2 are about the same age (my Kate is 5 1/2, Ethan is 2 1/2). I'm jealous that you live in CA!! We love that place :) We've thought of moving to San Diego or the Bay Area (Jason was born there & has fam there) in a few years, we'll see. We love SD and Sea World so much, we used our Sea World passes WAY more than our local Hogle Zoo passes this last year! ;) So fun & the kids love it. The hotel with the water park--was it the Hyatt in Mission Bay that you stayed at? We stayed there and LOVED it....actually spent our last day just at the hotel playing on the water slides and in the pool before catching our flight home. I loved how it is set up, and next time I want more time to enjoy the cabanas at night, making smores with my kids :)
If you are making your blog private, will you email me? I don't really keep up with writing my blog any more but may start again once Kate starts kindergarten. My blog email is