Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mexico Part 3 (the end)

Cole was a pretty apprehensive guy in the water. He really liked it but only if someone was holding him.

The Strong Clan minus Brandt, Soupie, and fam. We wish they could have come:(
Logan and Dresden. Check out their eyelashes. I know I am biased but I think my nieces and nephews are some of the best looking kids out there.

Gathered around the fire. Sydney was in the middle playing her guitar for everyone. She took her job as entertainer very seriously.Papa John, Nana Donna
Larry, Shannon, Dresden, Logan

Natalie, Jay, Colin, Sydney

Mike, Savannah, Cole, Creed, Nicole. Our kids wouldn't look into the sun so we got this. A halo around Mike's head, much like real life.
Papa John with his grandkids

I absolutely love this picture of Savvy. She spent most of her days collecting and catergorizing sea shells

Beautiful sunset we got to watch every night. Wish we were still there!

All the kids seemed to love boogie boarding. Especially Sydney. Even when it was getting cole and dark she still wanted to stay out! Nat and Jay had to force her to come it. Savannah liked it but on a much more conditional basis.

All pics courtesy of Larry thanks so much, we are lucky to have such an awesome photographer in our family. And that's the last of our Mexico trip. Why is it that you look forward to a vacation all year and then it goes by SO fast! I love vacationing (as anyone who reads our blog knows) and when I get done I love to think about our next trip. Maybe I am wierd but I love thinking about different places, planning activities, looking at hotel room, etc. I am already planning our Greece trip for our 10 year anniversary in 2 1/2 years. So now that we're home it's kinda bittersweet. And with Savannah going to kindergarten in the fall we are going to be so tied down- not a feeling we are used to. Does anyone else get post vacation depression? Our next major trip isn't until December, but it's a pretty big one. Hawaii for a whole week with the Grimmers. That is enough to pull me out of my slump, I will start planning our activities now...


Grimmers said...

I was feeling the same way, after we got home from Big Bear. I think it is such a high to be around so much family, and then you get home, you feel lonely, and lost. But I thought of the same thing...Hawaii!!! Can't wait!!!

Andrea said...

I am so jealous! It seems like you guys are always on some fun trip! We are always thinking of vacations too, but we just need to pull the trigger and go somewhere. Mexico sounds nice:)

dietcokegrrl said...

Love all the Mexico pics--looks like you guys had a great time. So fun to spend time with so much family!

Nana Donna said...

We had so much fun with you kids. I know what it feels like to have post depression after a great vacation. Natalie and Jay are the same way as you guys with planning trips it helps them look forward to something other than teaching crazy middle school kids.