Friday, January 15, 2010

The wedding

Now introducing Mr. and Mrs. Madsen! They are both completely twitterpated.........
The kids could not get enough of Jenna!! They were in complete awe! If you recognize the dress ( I am sure you don't) it was mine 8 years ago almost to the day from this wedding! How time flies....
Everyone kept asking if we were sisters and telling me we looked alike. I was super flattered!!
Sisters! How cute are these girls!!
Ty and Geoff. Seriously they look like twins don't they!
Drew, Savvy, Clarke, and Cole
My guys in their suits
I LOVED my bride's maid dress. My cousin Laura let me borrow it and I thought is was so cute.
Aunt Jenna and Uncle Kellan with his new niece and nephews.
Yet another strong photo op, we have been having plenty of these lately
Can't you tell he loved it?
Cole's first suit
My baby sister is married! She got married Jan 2 in the Draper Temple. As in bride tradition, she looked absolutely beautiful and seemed sublimely happy.


The Strong Family said...

Nice post babe. I didn't notice how long Cole's sleeves were when he was wearing it, but it looks like his sleeves need to be hemmed. What a beautiful couple Jenna and Kelan are. Congrats to them. Now they have to start a blog too.

Nana Donna said...

I'm so glad the day was such a success. Nicole is as beautiful in her bridesmaid dress as she was in her wedding dress 8 years ago. The rest of the family didn't look too shabby either.