Saturday, January 9, 2010

Utah fun.....

Nana and Creed. Look at his face, he is like I already have to deal with my mom doing this all day! Today Cole said "When do I get to see my Nana? I miss her." We miss all our Utah fam! Hopefully they will come visit us soon! Enjoying the yummiest part of Utah, Cafe Rio!! Even Savvy loves it and will eat it over her quesadilla. Yum I am completely obsessed. I don't know how everyone who lives there is like, oh cafe rio? It's ok. I personally think it is my favorite food ever. Give me a Cafe Rio pork salad and a red velvet nothing bundt cake and I am in heaven. And they have both in Sandy! So lucky. We are actually getting one here though. Well in Manhattan Beach. Its 30 minutes but still, better than driving to Utah when a craving hits.
Our little guy.
Happy 8 years babe! Mike took me to see Sherlock Holmes and then to the Roof for dinner, it was our first time there and I loved it. In two years we will be celebrating our 10 year in Greece! That is the plan at least!
My kids!
We went to the children's Gateway Discovery museum. The kids totally loved it! They had so much fun. We spent like 3 hours there. I love all the stuff they had upstairs. Tayler was going to town on these drums
Natalie, Sydney, and Brandt, trying the helmet on for size
Cousin presents. Cole got this police man helmet from Logan. He loves it.

We got to spend a week in Utah. We went up the day after Christmas- and stayed until Jan. 2. We love being able to go visit family and experience a true white christmas. Then being able to come home and enjoy the 73 degree weather here. Yesterday we went to the beach and rollerbladed to the pier with Cole and Creed in the stroller and Savvy on her new Razor- courtesy of Santa. Mike said- you know, I always thought I really missed Utah winters, but after coming home this time I realized a week is good. Funny, he is finally conforming into a true Californian. Anything above 85 is to hot for me. Anything below 67 is too cold. I really do belong here! Anyway, we had so much fun in Utah and got to spend lots of time with our family and even celebrated our 8th anniversary. Also went to my sister's wedding, which I will post about separately. Now our vacations are over for awhile. You might be reading our blog thinking what is going on with the Strongs, everyday they are going out of town. Well with Mike's work, he takes his vacation consecutively, and this year we saved up $ and decided to vacation the whole time. We had to take Savannah out of school for 3 weeks (the school gave us a packet and we home-schooled) and it was a crazy whirl-wind of fun. Now it is over so we will be back to our daily lives. boring I know :)


Ryan said...

Great update. We absolutely loved our trip to Greece.

I wish their was a cafe rio out here.

Jenks Family said...

we also are saving to go on a disney cruise. our kids would love it

Nana Donna said...

We loved having you here in Utah, I do see how California could grow on you......actually I aleady loved California. Thank you so much for coming and staying with us. We love you kids!

Nana Donna said...

I forgot to tell you that you need to crop the temple picture of the two of you to just have you and the temple in the back ground and mail it to you have nothing better to do. Love ya