Friday, December 11, 2009

Hawaii Part 1

These pictures are not in order. Sorry. This is Cole enjoying his Dole Pineapple ice cream cone. They were really really good! We visited the Dole Pineapple Farm and were able to go on the train, see lots of pineapples and went in the worlds largest maze, shaped like a pineapple of course.
Another shot of Cole enjoying his ice cream.
Savvy loving hers too.
Here is Cole and Samantha peeking through the pineapple board.
This is mom, Cole and Creed sitting on the Dole train at the beginning of the little track.
It was a nice little ride, lasts about 20 minutes and tells the story of John Dole and how he started the Pineapple empire.
Savannah, Samantha and Cole playing together. The kids did so well the whole week. Such good little travelers. We'll see how they do the rest of the month.

Nikki and Jo Lisa standing in front of a couple different types of pineapple gardens.
It was interesting to learn how pineapples grow. I always thought they grew under ground. Last year I learned that they take the top, or crown of a pineapple and place it face down in the ground by hand, one at a time. Then they let it grow for 18 months before they harvest it. Then the second harvest takes another 15 months. Makes you appreciate a pineapple just a bit more.
Here is our little boy all wrapped up like a crazy person. He still loves to be wrapped up super tight and sleeps really well when wrapped like this.
Look at the little BFF's hanging out at Ko Olina. It is a set of four man made lagoons on the West Shore. It was a really nice place to take the kids, no big waves due to rock jetties, and nice soft sand to play in.
Here is another view of Ko Olina with Steven and I cleaning up our mess.
Cole and Audree playing at Ko Olina.
Nicole liked this picture because of Audrees beautiful blue eyes.
This is Savvy and I playing at Waikiki beach on our first day in Hawaii.
Cole doesn't know how to swim, he doesn't even really like to play in the water too much yet, but he was wearing his goggles even before we left for Hawaii. He is a funny little kid.

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Nana Donna said...

Great pictures! I love seeing the kids having so much fun. The Grimmers are such a great family, you are very blessed to have such good friends.