Sunday, December 27, 2009


We just finished another part of our vacation. This was our first cruise experience for all of us. On one of the days the cruise put on a Christmas program. It was nice. You could tell they just kind of threw it together. I sorta feel bad for the workers on cruises. Did you know that they are stuck on that boat for 7-8 months non stop without a single day off! WOW!!! Talk about a fun job. Anyways, this is Cole telling yet another Santa what he wants for Christmas.

Beautiful sunset with my beautiful girls.

Savannah and Cole spent a lot of time in the Camp Carnival during the days and ended up meeting some friends. Savannah and Kambree loved playing together! Maybe they can get together when we go to Utah.


I was very impressed at the lack of fear by my kids standing 14 stories above the ocean floor on a moving vessel.

This is Cole attempting to blow out his Birthday candle on December 16th! Happy Birthday MOOSE!!! It was fun to celebrate at his birthday with a fancy 4 course meal! 2 of the nights we had the kids with us, that other 2 we dined with only baby. A lot quieter!

On the inside of the cruise ship

Family pic on the stairs

On day 2 we stopped in Catalina and walked around the island. Day 3 was ensenada. We decided to just stay on board that day and hang around the ship.

The port at Long Beach when we were just taking off

The cruise was fun but would have been a lot funner if Creed was older and could go into the kid's club. The kids loved that place, they had lots of activities and met lots of friends. We can't complain, Nicole booked the 4 night cruise for 149/piece so it was a steal. Good food and plenty of it! Gotta love that. We enjoyed soft serve ice cream with our breakfast, lunch, and right before bed snack.


Andrea said...

I am jealous of your deal-finding ways! That cruise looks like so much fun!

The Strong Family said...

the next time we book a super good deal I will post it and everyone else should book it too! it would be so fun to go with tons of friends and family.

Stephen, Nadia, Mia y Ella said...

I can't wait to move to CA to find this looks lika a lot of fun!