Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hawaii- The end

We were lucky enough to be in Hawaii at a time when there were 40-50 foot waves on North Shore. This is Savannah sitting outside of Turtle Bay Hotel looking out over the rough waves. We tried to head to North Shore to watch the professional surfers the day before this picture but the traffic was California-esque so we headed back to Ko-Olina.
The waves were enormous but there weren't many surfers on this day because the waves were really messy. I still can't get over how good Creed has been this month. I was really nervous about how he and the other two munchkins would handle the travel. They were like pro's. I was also happy that they were able to stay semi-healthy and that their bodies didn't completely crash.

This is our favorite guy from the Polynesian Cultural Center. I can't remember his name right now but he is hilarious. He does the Somoa center and explains all about the Samoan culture. He's also the main fire thrower during the night show, and he is an artist. His paintings and sculptures are sold at the Center along with other places I'm sure. We bought a small print of one of his painting just so we would remember him. The kids loved him and just had to get a picture with him.
The La'ie Temple Visitors Center was decorated beautifully for Christmas. The temple was closed for renovation so we didn't get to do a session but we still loved going to the Temple.

The sunset was amazing as it went down behind the temple. I probably took 50 pictures, but of course I'm not a photographer so none of them really show how great the sunset was.

Savannah got some awesome ink! At a few of the "Culture Islands" they had tattoos that you could get. Savannah ended up with one on each of her legs, two on her right arm and one on her left. I tried getting one down the side of my face but it didn't end up working very well because of my whiskers. Bummer.
Savannah and Samantha petting a weird duck.
Daddy making fire!
Steven trying to make fire! ha ha ha. Kidding
Cute little boy. Creed has such a contagious smile

Ah look at that. I didn't know Nikki put a picture of my tat on here. Even with that tattoo I don't look like a tough guy. Dang!

Canoe parade.

We took a hike to Menoa Falls. A small but beautiful waterfall just outside Honolulu.

About half a second after taking this picture of Savannah hanging on this vine, the vine broke and she ended up flat on her back with a bruised rear end! OUCH!!

Ko'Olina once again. I rented this weird circle floating thing. The kids (minus Cole) loved playing on it.

This is just motivation for me for the coming year. Thank you Nicole. I lost a lot of weight before Thanksgiving and have since gained back about 1o pounds of what I had lost. Something to look forward to.

KAILUA BEACH-the white sand beach!

we ate in Kailua at this place that Nicole and Jolisa loved called Boots and Kimo- they had mac. nut pancakes they thought were supposedly the best ever.

All of us feeding the Sea Turtles at Sea Life Park. A very small but nice sea park, miniature version of Sea World.

Making a hike a dusk. We didn't get quite to the top before the sun started to set. But got to see a beautiful sunset over the island.

Sorry there were so many pictures of our trip. We know it is a lot to look at but we wanted to put as many as we could for our book at the end of the year. We had so much fun and hopefully we will get another chance to go back soon. Here's a link to last year's trip, fun to see how much the kids have grown. And amazing to think we didn't have Creed then, we love that tiny little guy so much and can't imagine our family without him. Crazy to think we thought we only wanted 2 kids. What a blessing he has been in our lives. Anyway enjoy the pics!
Hawaii 2008


B and K said...

I love it Nicole! Hanauma Bay, PCC, the Hawaii temple and visitor center, driving the north shore... I seem to notice a similar pattern with all the LDS folks that go to Hawaii (we went in March of '08, but only spent 4 days there. We may have even endured not one- but two- time share presentations just to get the free tickets to the PCC and a free rental car for a day to visit the north shore...)

Linnae said...

How long did you stay in Hawaii???

Stephen, Nadia, Mia y Ella said...

We love the pictures!

The Strong Family said...

stayed 8 days, it was SO perfect...
last year it was 5 and didn't seem like enough...

Natalie and Jay said...

These are the best pictures - I am already sick of the snow and wanting the sun back! You really do have the cutest kids (besides mine, I mean). Can't wait to see you all in a couple of days!!!