Sunday, May 10, 2009

Creed Update

What is Creed up to nowadays?

Nicole discovered Creed has learned how to roll over. We've always tried to make him do stomach time but he would only last for about 10 seconds before he would begin screaming bloody murder and stiffen up like a board. But a couple days ago, when Nicole laid him down on his tummy and walked away, she noticed something. No screaming! She walked back into our bedroom where the little guy was laying and saw him laying on his back. No more screaming on his tummy. Good job little guy. He can now roll over in both directions. It's amazing how fast these little ones grow. He's going to be punching me in the face while playing rough before I know it. Fun times!

I love his little chicken feather hairs that stick up on the back of his head.
Another pic of Creed propping himself up. He can now play with his Baby Einstein toy and entertain himself a bit more.
Creed had a yeast infection on his tongue and had to get some nasty prescribed medication that we (Nicole) had to try and massage onto his tongue four times a day. It did not help. So Nicole was told of another medication that is over the counter. The pharmacist told Nikki it is actually more potent than the prescription meds but parents hate it because it turns everything it touches dark purple. The picture is evidence of that. Creed looked like a freakish goth baby for three days. Good news, the yeast infection is gone. Thank goodness.


The Everts said...

I love these pictures of this little man. Especially the one with the purple mouth. hehe! Wow, time flies!

Shannon said...

Creed is getting SO big. I can't believe he is rolling over already. He is such a cutie, even with a purple tongue.

Nana Donna said...

I couldn't read any of the post because the lettering was too light or the back ground was not right, but I managed to find the comment line, yea! Anyway the pictures are cute, love to see my babies!

Can't wait for next month!