Friday, May 1, 2009

Adventures with Aunt Jenna

Savannah brought her stuffed flamingo and was so excited to show the flamingos it. She kept saying that she thought the flamingos would be so surprised and think that their baby had gotten out.
Creed sleeping the day away in his babyhawk.
Helping hands

Baby Creed's first trip to Santa Barbara!

Jenna, Savannah, and Cole
Savannah soaking her feet
At Crumbs Bake shop in Calabasas. They have a bunch of turtles and the kids were loving it.
The new ride...........................
Jenna came to stay with us this last week and just left today :( We will miss her but we were lucky to have her all week! The kids had a blast and we tried to keep her entertained. Some of the super fun things we did this week:
*Went to Chili's with Erin while Jay was at work
*Visited with Carinn & Eric and fam
*Found a new walking route with a super huge hill
*Jenna got spray tanned today and turned SUPER dark
*auntie/ niece pedis/ manis
*Had Dave and Alli over for dinner
*Santa Barbara zoo
*Lots of catching up and some getting Jenna up to speed with Gossip Girl, How I met your Mother, and Harper's Island (which is a new show on CBS that I am totally into since I scanned the main character- the bride- and she was super nice)
*Did some cupcake tasting. Here are my reviews:
Susie Cakes- Martha Stewart's pick for her favorite old fashioned cupcakes
Super yummy specialty one- pinapple upside down cupcake was the best but they don't always have them. I felt like I could make one as good as the vanilla.
Crumbs Bake Shop- a fav of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel?? Maybe we needed to try it. It was SUPER cute and had a ton of selections. Huge cupcakes so I felt like I was getting my money's worth 3.75 for a little cupcake is pretty steep if it isn't big. Tried the Red Velvet and only had 1 bite. It was super disappointing compared to Nothing Bundt Cakes. The best was Jenna's she got Peanut Butter Banana, yummy. We also tried the mint one (pictured below) I loved the frosting but I'm not a huge fan of chocolate cake.
Jenna is going to try Sprinkles with her friend tomorrow so we will see which one is the best. Any more places we should've tried around Southern California??

*Picked up my new Phil & Ted Vibe Stroller which I got an AMAZING deal on and I am absolutely in LOVE with. I was pretty set on getting the sport in Blue Camo or apple green but they were backordered, so the owners upgraded us since we had been waiting like 6 weeks. Jenna wasn't as excited about it as me but still fun :) She is like why do you need all these strollers??? So I explained and she totally understands now!

It was a super fun week and we will totally miss her!!


Nana Donna said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your sister. I think she needs to take another vacation just to recoop from her Cali vacation. It's great having a sister you can share things with.
I'm excited to go to China in October with my sisters. We should have a lot of fun. P.S. I think the Mint Chocolate cupcake would have been my favorite!

Claudia Ayotte said...

FUN! I love the Zoo, we're going out there for Ada's B-day. Your kids are so cute!

dietcokegrrl said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the pic of Savvy at the pedicure spa--cute! And mmmmmm...cupcakes!

Jenks Family said...

Hi I have a few questions for you since you go to disneyland all the time. We are looking into going and eating with the princess at ariels grotto. Is it worth the money? is it best to go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? There are a few different kitchens we can go to with different character which is the best one? thanks for the help.