Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things to do when it rains.............

Ok so I uploaded backwards, so start at the bottom and work your way up...This ingenious edge brownie pan was something new I just got in the mail today! What perfect timing too, right after the tax fiasco, when I'm feeling blue brownies are always a good pick me up. And I am pleased to say it was all that the reviews stated and more!! I can't wait to make bannana bread in it.
The blank canvas before a beautiful piece of art.

During the kids nap we decided to try and do our taxes online ourselves. We have an appointment set up with a new accountant for next month but our friends told us about this website that is great and only costs 16 bucks for both state and federal. So we really want to buy a tent trailer and decided just to do it online to get our refund faster. It turns out we won't be buying a tent trailer this year, instead we will be writing a check to the federal government for $5200. Nice huh. I can't express through words how surprised and upset I am. The picture above describes it nicely.

We got him new bear sheets and it was all very highly anticipated. Thanks for the bed Grandma Lorraine and the bedding Aunt Jan!! We put him in the bed with his silkie, milk, and train. After an hour of him screaming no big boy bed!! I went in, put in back into the pack and play (set up just in case) and he went right to sleep. Ok so maybe tomorrow??
Then we put up the rails for Cole's new big boy bed!!

Savannah loved being able to use her princess umbrella. That was probably the highlight of the whole trip for her!!
Making them sit in the old chapel
Look, that's Mary's mom!! Savannah said about the statue.
This morning was supposed to a zoo day since its Mike's only day off this week, but since it was pouring so hard we decided to go to Mission Santa Barbara instead. It was a cool field trip..


Ryan said...

we ended up having to write a big tax check. I hated it too. great brownie pan. brilliabt.

dietcokegrrl said...

So jealous of the pan--I even did a blog post about it last year!

I've never been to the Santa Barbara mission--it looks beautiful! Cute pics as always! :)

Juli said...

Hey! I don't know if you remember me but we went to BYU-I back in the day (00-02). Anyways, I dated one of Mike's roommates. You look just as fabulous as always and you your family is so beautiful! Hope you're doing well!

Nana Donna said...

Hi, it's 11:00 PM here in Sandy. I was hopeing that I would have all my packing done because tomorrow will be busy with church and New Beginnings for our YW tomorrow night. I guess it will get done some time before monday morning or else I just wont be prepared. I'm excited to see my cute cali family! Sorry about the tax thing! Wish I had a million dollars to help you out oh wait if I had a million dollars I'd need you to help me out! Can't wait to see you guys. Can't wait for the new arrival!

brandt and soupie strong said...

hey guys baby creed is coming soon. good luck with everything . we will see pictures soon. i cant believe you guys have to pay that much so sorry.i think i would be crying if we had to owe that much.tell cole we love his big boy bed. give everyone hugs.

Linnae said...

We just did that for our anniversary in December. It was a fun little day trip.