Thursday, February 19, 2009

A day at the zoo

Savannah is begining to learn how to pose like a girl! We were walking through the creepy crawly exhibit filled with millipedes, giant hissing cockroaches, and snakes and the like, when Savannah stops suddenly to tell me, "Daddy, this is where you take pictures of me!"
This little critter, the meerkat, was the highlight of the day. I should just buy a couple and throw them in our back yard. They actually look a little like our little mutt Ruby. The little guy just sat there in front of the glass partition staring at the kids with their uncrustable sandwiches.
This is just to show how close the gorillas are at the zoo. Usually I can't even see them. Today both gorillas were out right in front of the glass. There was a woman with her little daughter standing just to my left. The gorilla I think, sensed her weekness and so honed in on her! He was totally giving her the stink eye!
I decided that if I get reincarnated (is that the correct spelling?) I hope to come back as this bird. I have no idea what it is called, but thought it's a pretty cool looking animal.
Savannah and Cole in front of the serpent.


Ryan said...

great meekrat picture

Nana Donna said...

How come the weather couldn't have cooperated with me when I was there? Maybe in March we will have good weather so we can go to the beach.......I guess just us visitors look forward to cold water in the Spring.

Fun Pics!