Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day at Sea

 The kids loved having our private balcony.  Theywould get dressed as fast as they could every morning so they could run outside and look at the water.
 Tuesday was our Character breakfast

 Beautiful Donna with Mickey
 Dresden loved his bob marley headpiece
 Peter Pan suited Cole perfectly.  This morning he had4 mickey shaped waffles!  I was dying.  I need to find a micky shaped waffle iron for our house.

 After we headed to the pool and Savannah loved joing in the dance party
 Will had enough excitement and crashed on a pool chair. 
 We went to a ventriloquiest show.  The kids LOVED it.  Cole was laughing so loud the whole time, it was hilarious.  People kept looking at him and laughing because he was laughing so hard! Afterwards we bought the video and we have to watch it all the time.  I mean get to.
 Face painting...
 Princess encounters

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Nana Donna said...

you guys got some great pictures of the princes. I never got close enough to take any. We still talk about the trip with great memories. I had to blog it quickly because of our three Feb birthdays, but glad for it because lately it has become crazy and I haven't had time to think let alone blog. I also have the trip in my new book I am creating. Fun....Fun...give everyone our love!