Sunday, May 8, 2011

Girls Weekend!

We really wanted to go up to Utah together as a family this weekend but are really over the long drive. So we decided Mike would fly up and take the boys and I would stay with Savvy so she could go to school (plus it gets expensive to fly with 5 people since Creed turned 2!) I am sad I didn't get to see everyone in utah and meet our new nephew, but Savvy and I had a blast and got to hang out tons. It turned out to be such a fun weekend! Heres a few of the fun things we did this weekend
Chopped Savvy's hair! It was getting super long and grows super fast so we really just took her in for a trim. It was her idea to get it super cut-like Rapunzel at the end. I am in LOVE, it looks adorable and I won't have bring her to tears everyday trying to comb through it-she has a TON of hair and it gets really tangly.

Shopping, found this cute dress at gap among others :)

Love her tooth missing. This might be one of the last pics we have of it, it seems to be growing in pretty fast

For mother's day we had Sara over and made this SUPER delish dessert, oh my gosh it was divine. (as you can see by the amount that was eaten!) in our defense Heather stopped by too!
Definitly try it if you need a new dessert recipe.

Savvy made me this awesome flower pot. Made all the designs with her thumbprints!

So adorable

She surprised me today. While I was taking a sunday afternoon nap, she set the table. Picked a tablecloth, place mats and even picked flowers from outside and spread rose petals all over the table! It was SO cute and thoughtful

Had sleepovers every night..........

Venessa my hairdresser is the BEST. She cut it so I don't have to blow dry it or round brush it. This is how it looked after swimming and being too lazy to take a bath after...she cut about 6 inches off

Swimming at our neighbors

Having a sucker after and getting dry before coming in

Other things we did:

Lazy dog cafe which Savvy LOVES

pedicures of course

Bright child

caught up on some movies-hotel for dogs, narnia, and UP......

walked up the hill

I loved spending quality time with my daughter! Had such a nice and relaxing mother's day weekend.

But don't worry boys, I am ready for you guys to come home bright and early tomorrow :)


Tyson and Carrie said...

Her hair is adorable!!! So cute!

Claudia Ayotte said...

Wow she looks so grown up :0) I love it! Such a cute cut for her. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend :0)

Nana Donna said...

Oh my gosh, I love Savvy's hair, she is so beautiful! we missed you too, but we are so glad that you had that one on one time with each other. Savvy, what a thoughtful thing you did for your mother, she will always remember that you made her Mother's Day extra special, you are the best! We love, love, love you!

The boys were awesome with us, we loved having them here.

The life of MeMe said...

CUTE! That sounds like an ideal Mothers day weekend.
Love the hair. WISH I HAD A GIRL!