Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter fun

Matching pillow pets. And cheapo easter baskets. Easter bunny finally got smart this year.

Easter morning!

The room is finished now and there will be more pictures to come. Don't know why I added this one but its late and I don't want to try to find it and erase it.........

Her bottom tooth is growing in. Very crooked i might add. Can't wait for braces :)

Then Kirsi finally decided she would come. This is the best shot I could get of them together

Got all my kids together. but they blocked creed's face

Kirsi and her uncle Jay

Kirsi just wanted to eat the candy (can you blame her-they were filled with Cadbury mini eggs, yummiest candy ever!)
Creed keep wanting to put those big balls in with the eggs....
Ready for the egg hunt
The kids playing wii.....
Easter Weekend! Started out with brunch at Linnae and Brent's. Yummiest food ever, crepes and quiche and lots of yummy goodies!

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