Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mini Vacation........

Mike had a couple days off work and we haven't been on a vacation in FOREVER it seems like, so we decided to spend a couple night at a hotel near disneyland. We stayed here and I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone staying near disneyland with kids. It was really affordable (cheap actually) and we had this kids room that Savannah and Cole LOVED with bunk beds and this little seperate area for them. Nice heated pool and hot tub too.

Our little hamOn our second day there we were able to get to California Adventure in time to get tickets to see the Color of lights or water show whatever it is called. It was pretty neat but not the greatest show I have seen at disney. All of us loved the fireworks / snow show the night before, it snows and the end and the kids went crazy for the snow.

Fruit snacks make me smile!

Woody and an army guy

Savvy asks everytime we go if she can get her face painted. As you can see she was quite pleased with the results. She almost wouldn't go on Splash Mountain because she didn't want her face paint to get smudged. Mike had to convince her they would cover her face with her hood.

Small World at Christmas time, our favorite
Love Creed's curiousity, he wants to check out everything

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