Monday, December 6, 2010

Bridge from Daisy to Brownie!

Savannah had a big day this weekend. She graduated from Daisy to Brownie in Girl scouts. She just started girl scouts in the fall. She begged me to do it last year and I didn't let her because I was too overwhelmed with her starting kindgarten and all, but when she was still begging this year I thought why not. I always wanted to be a girl scout when I was little and my mom never let me, so I thought I better let her try it. I am so glad I did. She has really made some really good friends from it and enjoys every activity.
The ceremony was up in Ojai which is about 35 minutes from our house. It was a gorgeous fall day. The kids loved playing in the leaves

After getting her new brownie vest! Yea Savvy!

Saying her part. She had it memorized but forgot the last line

Taking a goldfish break while we waited for the ceremony to start
Cole and Creed loved running around the camp while the girls were getting ready.

Cole decided to pose for us of the log. He is such a ham

After we had a bbq lunch and costco cake. Yum my favorite. It was a super fun outing.....


Harrison - Party of Three! said...

Too cute! I remember doing these bridge ceremonies back in the day. (but then I reached middle school and decided girl scouts wasn't that cool anymore. haha!)

Nana Donna said...

Congratulations Savy! I remember when your aunt Shannon was in Brownies. It is a great program. Your aunt Natalie was in girl scouts for a while too. Hope you have lots of fun and learn wonderful things.