Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend trip to az...

We spent Halloween weekend in Arizona. Savannah love playing dress up in Alauna's room. She has a huge stage in the corner with lots of costumes. This particular costume was a "pioneer girl" She was wearing one of Jan's 80's jumpsuits, a pair of alauna's boots, and a pioneer hat.
Love how the boots go all the way up her legs!! She put on several plays for us that weekend. This one involved a lost dog in the forest. Then the dramatic ending where she finds it and all is well.
We also stopped by a pumpkin patch since it was Halloween weekend. Even though I had brought my camera and it ran out of batteries after the first day :(
The kids each got to pick their own pumpkin out.

And look at fat pigs. In the 90 degree heat. Yes this was the end of October and it was 90 degrees!
Cute Coley
Grandma decided to come along for the visit. Obviously she is used to the AZ weather because she kept saying how nice it felt. Notice the cardigan. The rest of us were sweating and she was doing just great.
The night we got there Creed fell on some tile steps. Well I never really knew what a goose egg bump was until that night. It was so scary looking! It popped out a couple inches off his head and looked super freaky. Of course it was around 9 pm as well so Creed was exhausted. We tried to keep him awake but he kept falling asleep. We slept in the same room as him that night and kept checking him throughout the night to make sure he was ok. I called the nurse and she was like is he slurring words---um all the time, he barely talks!! On that subject, Creed actually started Speech therapy this week. His speech therapist was so nice and he seemed to love the whole experience. Just a bunch of new toys and books to look at. I know 3rd kids talk less sometimes because their brothers and sisters do all the talking for them (that's what my dr said) but figured speech therapy couldn't hurt. Since his first session on friday he has actually starting saying Mama for the first time. he used to call me dada. Everyone else by their name (cole, savvy, dog) but I was dada. So I am pretty thrilled. Savvy and Cole started saying it around 10 months so it was so frustrating for me that he would never say it before yesterday! Hopefully he will start to pick up more words as we keep working with him.

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