Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day trip to the zoo....

All worn out.........check out Creeds lashes and lips! So adorable....
Cute boys

Cole loves holding the map and looking at every map we pass. Just making sure we don't miss anything
Creed's new bestie
We watched this gorilla for quite awhile. He sat there the whole time we were there eating his own throw up. It was quite disgusting but at the same time entertaining. Made me grateful for my human children. Can't imagine having gorilla babies.
Flamingos! Cole kept talking about how sad Savannah would be that she missed her favorite animal
We like to take a weekly outing with the boys when Savvy is in school. A few weeks ago we decided to hit the LA zoo. First stop-meer cats. Cole loves them and always runs all the way there from the entrance.

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