Friday, July 16, 2010

Sprinkles oh how i love you!

She ate only the frosting. I am going to get her a frosting shot next time we go. They sell them for .75 cents so you can save quite a bit! Plus how yummy, a little cup full of strawberry frosting. They are having cherry right now! I MUST go back.......
Savvy before demolishing the frosting

Creed loving his cupcake. His first experience with Sprinkles was at 9 months. I gave him a bite of sprinkles and he goes MMMMMMM. Then I tried giving him his gerber melt things and he spit them out. He is definitley my child
Cole got vanilla milk chocolate. Yum. He ate his whole cupcake. I was hoping he would eat like half and get bored of it. No such luck.
Finally ordered and almost eaten.
Waiting in line. Yes a line for cupcakes, I know
Good excuse to hit Sprinkles!! Oh my how I adore thee!
Jenna left her bag at the temple on friday so we had to go back to get it.


Tyson and Carrie said...

Well you know me, Never been there but heard they are way good! Maybe one day.:)You look beautiful! once again looks like fun. :)

Nicole said...

thanks carrie you r sweet. ok thats it, i am bringing you one before you move!!

alison said...

you and jenna look so pretty! and i am dying for a nothing bundt cake. every time i think of making one i think, not fair, nikki has one next door!