Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Travel Town

Creed was so delighted with himself that he was sitting on this little bench. He is still not walking, it is so weird. He knows he can get where he wants by crawling. Creed had RSV and dual ear infections last week. Obviously he is recovering well, but he was pretty sick for a couple days.
Mom, we never get to run on train tracks! this is awesome! savvy said. She had bronchitis last week! I felt so bad because I totally was bugged when the school called and said "your daughter threw up at recess" I told Mike, that's because she was coughing! She just has a cough! And I sent her back to school the next day! The next day I had Creed's one year check-up and a follow up appointment for Cole so I decided to bring her in as well. I told the dr, she just has a cough, he was like let me listen. Yup, it's bronchitis. Bad mom!!

Check out those wheels

We had to get a couple things from Ikea last week, so we decided to stop by Travel town. Cole absolutely LOVES this place. The whole way home he was asking us who we liked better, Percy or Gordon, Thomas or blah blah. I can't remember all their names, but he can.


The Strong Family said...

It was a fun day and the kids loved it. The fact that it is free is an added bonus. Nicole was right, L.A. does have some pretty fun things to do. It just takes energy to get to where they are to do them.

Nana Donna said...

So glad that the kids are doing better. John and I are doing better too. The doctor called me back in after some blood work. He's making me take prenatal multivitamin supplements...NO! I'm not pregnant, I'm anemic! They also gave me a vitamin B 12 shot!
There are so many fun places in Cali for you are very lucky!