Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Miss Integrity

Savannah is such an amazing girl, we love watching her grow up and learn new things. Yesterday we went on a drive and saw a rainbow. On the way home we saw a deer off the freeway. Savannah goes "Oh my gosh, this is my lucky day! I saw a rainbow and a deer in the same day!" the next sentence she goes "I wish we could shoot it". Mike was so proud. I was just curious as to why she wanted to shoot it so I asked. "then we could keep the meat in the freezer and put the head on the wall". OK she is definitely a daddy's girl.
I love how all the other kids are holding theirs out but Savannah is just looking at it.
Going up to accept her award
It was red shirt day, crazy hat day, and 100 day at school! It was a huge deal, Savannah had the best day.

To sweeten the deal- it came with a free kid's meal from our family's FAV burger place, the habit. We all love it. The other day we (actually I should say I since Mike was anti anything not the habit) decided to try out this new burger place called the Counter. Well on the way home COLE told us he didn't like that place and wanted to go get hamburgers from the OTHER place, the place that has yummier food called the habit. Mike turns to me and says SEE even a 3 year old gets it.
Savannah received an award at her school for having Integrity! We are so proud of her and love watching her grow and learn and really try to set a good example for others.


Tyson and Carrie said...

I love what she said about the deer! LOL so cute. :)

dietcokegrrl said...

Wow--she looks so grown up!! Congrats to Savannah!!

Nana Donna said...

Wow Savannah, did you know that integrity is one of the values you work on when you get into Young women's. I am very, very proud of you.

P.S. Glad to see Savy doesn't want to just shoot the deer for the fun of it. Glad she's thinking about feeding the family.