Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun trip with Nana and Papa

We had a fun visit from Nana and Papa a few weeks ago! Still can't find my camera so stole these pics from her.

sleepovers in the loft

Small World

Space Mountain

First day of Preschool. Excuse me pre kindergarten (Cole gets bugged when you call it preschool!)

Concert in the Park

Splash pad fun

Enjoying noodles in downtown Pasadena

Right when we got there Creed leaned into a HUGE pile of peacock poop. It was the nastiest thing ever. That shirt got thrown away.

Playing at the park
We loved having them and had a blast....


Shannon said...

I love the picture on Splash Mountain (?), Cole is the only calm one. Looks like you packed a lot of fun things to do in just a short time. Glad mom and dad are able to get out there. Wish we could come out for a visit. Maybe in the next month.

Nana Donna said...

We loved spending time with your cute family. Love you guys soooooo

Hope we aren't why Niki keeps loosing things. Last time we were with you in Yosemite, Niki lost her phone, now she lost her camera while we were there, dang!.......sorry.