Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainy days

Look!! Otters!

He kept giving us dirty looks when we came back

This gorilla was so private. We left and he came up to the landing. When we came back he would walk around for a bit then leave. We would leave, he would come back. Its like we were bugging him.

The penguins were being so adorable. I now know that Happy Feet is based on a true story because these little birds like to sing to and with each other. I have never seen it before but it was so neat. The kids loved it. Savvy said see its not only people who like to sing in the rain, its penguins too. Lol

I don't really like the way this crocodile is looking at the turtle.
Rainy day stroller
It has been really rainy lately! There was a huge storm Sunday and the next day we woke up to trees fallen into the street in our neighborhood and 2 trees that had fallen into houses. Thankfully ours were still standing but there was a ton of debris everywhere. We decided to venture out to the zoo despite the rain.

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Linnae said...

love the purple. So fun