Saturday, June 5, 2010

And some more randoms...

Back to school night.......this year has flown. Only 4 more days left of kindergarten!
Even though they both weigh almost 40 lbs she still thinks she is way bigger than him
she has had this outfit planned for about 2 weeks, I am not joking.
My little guys buck teeth, zoom in on the pic to check them out

The new and highly anticipated Bee +.
Sword fight

Can you fix it? Yes he can! I am forever finding tools all over the house. At any given moment in any given room I can reach down and pick up a tool. Both the boys carry them all over then decide they want a different one and drop it to get another. Repeat cycle.
An indian museum park near our house, the kids love it and we usually see deer there.

Yup, a little brownie and pink milk. Hey that's why you exercise, right?

The perfect hiker! He had a little milk with his brownies
Mike and savvy
dream come true for creed, what baby doesn't love dirt?
a little happier here
Family hiking can't you tell how thrilled everyone is in this pic?


Tyson and Carrie said...

You are a busy women! Looks like lots of fun, Love the picture of Creed showing his teeth, he is so cute!!

The life of MeMe said...

Yay! I love your updates. I love that Savvy had her clothes picked out for so long. She is so fashionable.
And the part about the tools all over your house made me laugh out loud. Been there!

KB Kidz said...

Where is this park?

Nana Donna said...

Fun pictures. We went to that Indian village too with Mike and kids, wish Nicole could have gone, but work called. What a happy family.