Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween Pics!!

We have been so crazy busy around here I haven't had time to post halloween pics! So here they are, we went to the Roger and Vanessa's house for dinner and treat or treating in their neighborhood after. Their neighborhood was ALL decked out for halloween and almost every house was participating in the trick or treating. We only had to do 1 street and the kids bags were brimming with candy-which is still hanging out in a special place by the way. It keeps dwindling day by day. I swear the kids are eating some of it. And I wonder why I can't lose weight :) Yummy as soon as the halloween candy is gone the rest of the holidays start, so much good food in the fall and winter!
Our sleepy monster at the end of the night
I know my old navy trick or treat bags are ghetto but I forgot to get cute ones!

she said she had to stop and smell the flowers like a real butterfly
Ok i know this is super gross but i had to post this pic! This crazy lady (pictured below) had her house all decked out and it was super scary! Good thing it was dark, the kids didn't notice all the weird stuff

Creed didn't get any candy but the dentists were passing out toothbrushes so that was his special treat. Thanks roger and vanessa, keeping even the youngest mouths clean!

Our pirate

A day earlier we went to the pumpkin patch by our house. It was freezing cold and I forgot my jacket so we didn't stay long.

Sorry so many pictures, I am using this as our scrapbook now so I like to have lots!! So Halloween is over, on to Thanksgiving..........


Claudia Ayotte said...

Cute pics :0) Haven't talked to you in 4ever! We need to have a playdate

brandt and soupie strong said...

kids are looking so cutie. I took the rest of the halloween candy to work, so i wouldnt it anymore.

Nana Donna said...

I am going to try to make a blog book too this year. You'll have to help me figure it all out. Also John wants me to scrapbook on line to simplify my desk.

The kids looked absolutely darling. I loved the beautiful butterfly smelling the rose and the pirate was very handsome. Baby Monster was adorable.