Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weekend and Grandma Lorraines

Playing with some of the Christmas decorations
On the tram on the way to (where else) disneyland!! Savvy and Millie were having good hair days....
Cole didn't quite like the carousel this time. After about a minute he said all done mama, get down now.
But the little guys LOVED mickey's playground. They got to play here while Millie's grandma Susan took the girls to meet the princesses. Cute guys!!

This is Savannah and Grandma before we had to go home. Savannah was super sad and didn't want to leave. She enjoyed sleeping with Grandma every night.
After thanksgiving we went down to Grandma Lorraine's and spent the weekend. Mike had
to work so we just hung out during the day and he drove there at night. It was lots of fun and relaxing to be away from the house!! On Sunday it was Garrett's farewell, congrats to Garrett!! We got to visit with lots of family and the kids were bummed to go home. When Cole woke up after going home, he couldn't stop talking about Neal. Where's Neal? Neal's at work? He keeps asking.


Nana Donna said...

I am so glad that you guys got to spend time with Nikkie's family. The cousins looked like they were really having a lot of fun. Savvy and Cole have a wonderful great grandma, I'm glad they were able to spend time with her.
We are counting down the days before you come to Utah...can't wait. The shower is half done! Does anyone want to take bets if it gets completed?

Emily said...

All these pics are so cute Nikki! I have a lot of catching up to do - thanks for posting so much. The pics are fun to look at!